Thursday, October 29, 2009

Website Relaunch

We are excited to be relaunching our website . We've had a functional website for years that allowed our retailers to shop online. Not only will our new website allow that, but consumers will also be able to shop. We are excited to offer this new service because we get so many calls from loyal Pine Ridge Art fans who are looking for a specific title. In many cases this fan is living in a rural area and has difficulty getting to one of our suggested retailers. Now they will be able to order this item directly from us at regular retail prices.

Our new website will also allow consumers to find retailers in their area using a search tool. We support our retailers and know that sending customers in to see the product in 'real life' will help to support them. Our retailers carry a great selection of Pine Ridge Art products suited to their geographic area and customer base.

The new website is pretty but it will also have improved funtions for our retailers including order tracking and invoice history that will streamline the buying process.

Our initial launch is happening in the next week or so and this launch will include our current-year dated product for sale to the consumer market. Following this, we'll launch the wholesale component with our new 2011 catalogue in early January of 2010. And following that, we'll launch the giftware side of our catalogue to consumers who might be interested to browse and shop the full range of stationery and giftware product Pine Ridge Art is proud to offer.

It is a big project but so worth it!