Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Artist Spotlight: James Lorimer Keirstead

This is a new feature on the Pine Ridge Art blog. We'll be putting the spotlight on the wonderful artists we are so lucky to work with each year when creating our products. After all, where would Pine Ridge Art be without the "art"?

Today's artist is James Lorimer Keirstead.

Referred to as "Keirsteads", Keirstead prints have become the favourites of millions. Nostalgic, romantic, idealized heratige subjects enchant and bring quiet enjoyment.

Born December 18th, 1932 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, Keirstead expressed an early interest in art, proclaiming he wanted to be an artist from early boyhood. At 17 he joined the Canadian Army serving in Korea during the war in 1952 and 1953.

After returning from Korea he became a police constable in Ontario and it was during these years he haunted art galleries and libraries, took art courses, sketched and painted at every opportunity. Then in 1965, he took the precarious plunge into the art world. Keirstead's first paintings were of landscapes, homes, barns and old milles that are now synonymous with the angular Keirstead signature:

Keirstead has painted the various landscapes across Canada, from east coast to west. In the 90's Keirstead painted the wildlife in Kenya as well as the Cotswolds of England and exhibited internationally. Recent works include scenes with children playing hockey on backyard rinks. His dynamic originals hang in over 1000 private collections in Canada and abroad.

Admittedly a driven artist, Keirstead has produced an amazing number of paintings. Painting mainly with knives and oil paints, he creates sharp, clear, boldly textured paintings that for many help establish a Canadian identity.

See more at the artist's website found here.