Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming - on Sunday May 9th, 2010.

Mother's Day is celebrated internationally - though not always on the same date in every country. The American/Canadian Mother's Day in May is now over 100 years old!

The first attempts at creating a day to celebrate mothers were in the 1880's. For the following years the event had some success and recognition in smaller communities, but it wasn't until 1908 that Anna Jarvis of West Virginia named the second Sunday in May "Mother's Day". Jarvis tirelessly promoted the day in honour of her own mother and in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson made it official.

Popular Mother's Day gifts include flowers, jewellery and greeting cards. In fact, sales from Mother's Day alone will account for over 8% of total jewellery sales in the US this year! We wonder if Mom could have too much jewellery by now? Perhaps it is time to change it up this year.

Pine Ridge Art offers a lot of great product that would suit Mother's Day. When we began writing this post, we weren't sure what product to recommend. Mothers are all different! So we decided to consider what we might do for our moms this year.

At left is our Photo Album Journal. Available in 10 themes, these journals hold photos and also offer space to write memories or notes at the foot of the page. We plan to gather up some of our favourite photographs of the family, place them in the album, and write a short memory or story to go along with it below the picture.

The albums holds 80 photos, so we think we'll leave the second half of the album blank, with the offer to continue to add to it over time - as more memories are made. The journals are archival quality and acid free so this would be a great memory book for years to come.

What are your plans for Mother's Day?