Thursday, May 13, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Catherine Simpson

Catherine Simpson's popular Forever Young series is one of our best-selling and most-loved titles. Catherine works in her London, Ontario home studio and has been painting the series for over 20 years. Completed in watercolour, the scenes of children are beautiful nostalgic images that remind any viewer of simpler times. The detailed garden settings capture each season with joyous reverence.

Recently we traveled to London to visit Catherine and see what she is up to. It seems that she is always busy in her garden, creating some of the inspiration for her many paintings.

She showed us her garden bench and fountain, both of which have appeared in her artwork, and our calendars, in past years. Drawing inspiration from the flowers and garden decor found right in her backyard is natural to Catherine.

  We also spotted this handsome prince, who we are told just might pop up in Catherine's 2012 calendar!

Catherine is a proud grandparent to Emma and Cooper, who both inspire her work and maintain her connection to childhood emotions, animation and dreams.

Each year Catherine writes a special message for us to use on her products. In her own words, Catherine describes her art -
"I continue to try and capture those special memories of childhood that we can all share. Hopefully the stories I tell will trigger at least one personal memory for you, of your family or your own childhood days. Rediscovering those special times in our lives should help to brighten up each and every day ahead ~ and remind us to let our hearts ~ Be Forever Young!
In the attic of every grownup's head joyful memories of youth are safely tucked away waiting to be rediscovered. My art attempts to light the way."

Always busy, Catherine is participating in a number of art shows this year including:

Windsor Art In the Park - June 5th and 6th (booth 167AB)

Kempenfest Barrie - Huronia Festival of Arts - July 31 - August 2nd (booth 1 and 1A)

Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival - Jordan, Ontario - October 8-11 (big tent 3-33)

There is limited remaining stock of Catherine's 2010 Forever Young Calendar available by clicking here. We will be releasing her 2011 calendar for sale very soon, so stay tuned!

See Catherine's stationery and gift products available by clicking here.