Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Your cat could be featured in a 2012 Pine Ridge Art Wall Calendar – sold worldwide!

If you have a photogenic cat at home just waiting for his time in the spotlight, here’s your chance. Pine Ridge Art is partnering up with artist Drew Strouble to bring you the 2012 “Purrfect Days” Wall Calendar Cat Photo Contest.

Here’s how it works: Simply send up to 3 photos of your kitty to bariburnu@pineridgeart.com by the end of October for your chance to win.

The winner's photo will be used as Drew’s reference for an original watercolor that will be featured in the 2012 "Purrfect Days" Pine Ridge Art Wall Calendar! The winner will also receive the #1/50 signed and numbered Artist's Proof plus a hand signed copy of the 2012 "Purrfect Days" full color calendar. Finally, the winner will also have first right of refusal to purchase the original watercolor.

Kindly mention "cat photo contest" in the subject line and include the cat's name(s) in the body of the email. Please limit file size of each photo from 500K to 5MB in a jpeg format.

To check out some more of Drew’s work visit www.CatmanDrew.com. Drew’s 2011 “Purrfect Days” calendar can be purchased online at www.pineridgeart.com.