Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cat Contest Painting Complete!

The big day has finally arrived - the unveiling of Drew Strouble's painting of Cinco de Mayo to be featured in the 2012 Pine Ridge Art Wall Calendar "Purrfect Days".  After reviewing all of your entries back in October, this photo of Cinco de Mayo, submitted by Elizabeth, was chosen to be used as reference for the painting.  Drew has finished the painting, and I think the result is absolutely beautiful!  (The photo is on the left, and the painting is on the right).

Congrats again Elizabeth - Cinco de Mayo makes a great model!  Anyone interested in purchasing the original watercolour, or a print of the painting can visit http://catmandrew.com/cincodemayo.html

Anyone else interested in immortalizing their kitty?  Drew is now accepting commissions to paint a custom cat portrait of your own very special pet!  For more details go to http://www.catmandrew.com/ or click the following link:

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