Friday, September 9, 2011

Catherine Simpson - Get Well Soon!

For those of you familiar with the work of Catherine Simpson it’s not hard to see her appreciation for the lighter side of life.  Catherine has been producing her “Forever Young” series of paintings for over 20 years.  Her work explores the special memories of childhood and it’s hard not to feel cheered up after looking at one of her paintings.    Unfortunately a recent injury has put Catherine on a forced hiatus and left her feeling a little less than cheery.
Catherine has had a little accident that’s landed her with a severely broken foot and she will be laid up for several months.  She’s not allowed to put any weight on the foot and has even had to set-up a hospital bed on the main floor of her house to avoid coming up and down the stairs. 
Bed rest isn’t compatible with very many activities, and unfortunately for us, painting is off limits for now.  Thankfully Catherine had already completed eight paintings for her 2013 calendar (one example above), so there’s no need for her fans to go without.     

If you’re a fan of Catherine’s and would like to help cheer her up, send your well wishes to and we’ll make sure she gets your message.  We’ll keep you posted as to Catherine’s condition on our facebook page so be sure you “like” us at today. 
If you'd like to purchase Catherine's 2012 Calendar it's available now at
Catherine’s been cheering us up for years with her work, so we figured the least we can do is return the favour!
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