Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trevor Tennant and the Buckhorn Art Festival

One of the most exciting parts of our job here at Pine Ridge Art is our constant search for new artists.  Finding a new artist for one of our calendars is a long journey and often takes us in many different directions.  One of the most enjoyable ways that we look for new artists, however, is getting out into the real world and visiting art shows. 
Deer statue in Buckhorn, ON
While travelling for work is always tough, it’s a little less painful when your business takes you to a picturesque town in a charming country setting, surrounded by natural beauty... namely Buckhorn Ontario. 
Our walk to the festival

Buckhorn is a cultural oasis nestled in the Kawartha Lakes region. The town is home to many art galleries, antique stores and flea markets; and plays host to hundreds of cultural events and attractions throughout the year. This artistic community is site of the annual Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, recognized as one of Canada’s premiere Art Festivals, and happily a great place to look for new calendar artwork!   The festival also features an art competition, youth art display as well as live music and great food. 
Musicians set-up in an outdoor pavillion

One of our main reasons for this trip was a visit with wildlife artist Trevor Tennant, who makes his home in the nearby Town of Bobcaygeon.
Trevor poses for a picture near the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival

For anyone familiar with Trevor’s artwork, his love of the outdoors is obvious.  It was impossible not to share his sentiments while immersed in the natural beauty near his home.  The area offers lakes and waterways, hiking trails, and an abundance of birds and wildlife, and it was easy to see where Trevor gets his inspiration. It was great to catch up with our “Window on Wildlife” artist, and during our visit Trevor was kind enough to give us a preview of one of his newest works.
For more information about Trevor and his work visit www.trevortennant.com, and you can purchase Trevor’s calendar at www.pineridgeart.com.

One last note on the town of Buckhorn before we wrap up.  If you're ever in need of accomodations in the area, the charming Claire de Lune Bed and Breakfast makes a great choice (www.clairedelune.ca).  The owners Claire and Rod were great hosts and the food was wonderful!!!
Claire and Rod at the Bed and Breakfast
So all in all, Buckhorn was a great trip.  Our job keeps us pretty busy, but in case you haven’t got the message....we’re not really complaining.