Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring's Renewal

His paintings hang in many homes around the world. People who’ve met him are surprised at how humble and grounded he is. Perhaps this is because Mark Keathley is one of the brightest stars on the art world’s horizon. Everywhere he has gone, he has found great acceptance for his work.

When he was nineteen he attended a small one man show in his college art class and saw, for the first time, someone selling artwork. This was all it took for his renewed interest in painting. Mark was determined to learn more and painted for twelve to fourteen hours a day, six days a week! Within a year he found that many people were beginning to collect his work.

Stoneware Mug, Slim Journal and Coasters
Clockwise from top left: Stoneware Mug, Slim Journal and Coasters
Pine Ridge Art features a variety of products with Mark’s “Spring’s Renewal” artwork. The second of the Seasons of Life series, this painting portrays that spring is a gentle reminder of the new life that comes after the cold and grey winter.

Click on the video below to hear what Mark has to say about this beautiful painting.

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