Thursday, March 18, 2010

All About Art Boutique

Art Boutique by Pine Ridge Art is a sister brand to our original line. Originally conceived as a response to the changing demographics of the stationery market, it has grown to become a collection of upbeat giftware and stationery that suits a wide range of ages and personalities.

We utilize the same product development strengths we have in Pine Ridge Art - working with artists to create products that are both beautiful and functional. We've found that this part of the product line is fun to experiment with - we try out unique products, work with off-the-beaten-path artists, and follow trends closely, which helps us to create a fun and youthful collection!

Keeping gift-giving in mind allows us to introduce product that we, ourselves, would love to recieve from a friend or loved one. In selecting our designs, we not only consider the big holidays, such as Mother's Day, but we often imagine the relationship betweek gift-giver and gift-receiver. A mother whose daughter needs a pick-me-up after a bad breakup. A sister whose sister has done her the favour of babysitting with no notice. A teacher who has been a great inspiration to a student. These unique relationships are similar to those we all experience at some time in our lives, so we work to creat just the right gift to express those feelings.

Of course those aren't the only reasons people love our products. We can't forget the great art! There is just something about a great image we can't resist.
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