Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Product Spotlight: Mousepad Planners

Our mousepad planners have been a somewhat-unexpected hit. Though we, at the office, thought they were fantastic, we weren't sure if everyone out there in the world would agree. As it turns out, what we want for our desktops is no different from what everyone wants!

Mousepad planners are the solution that resulted from a simple complaint; "I have too much junky stuff all over my desk!" We sought to create a product that was both functional and beautiful, and most of all, that would lessen clutter. Our mousepad planners have 55 sheets of beautiful art-covered paper. These are sealed onto a foamy mousepad backer, so it adheres to the desktop just like a traditional mouse pad would. From there we decided to add a perpetual calendar - you just circle the month and day, et voila! You have the ultimate location for your jotted down notes, to-do lists and more.

Personally, I use mine to keep a priority list of things to do. I circle the month and day I wrote the list, so that I can keep an idea of how long those things have been top priority. It also serves as a scrap peice of paper if I need to jot down phone numbers or internet passwords. Best of all, it is always easy to find in a jiffy, since it sits right below my mouse!

Buy the "Deco Chic" design pictured above here if you are in Canada and here if you are in the US.