Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Sharyn Sowell

Artist Sharyn Sowell creates beautiful finished images using a combination of her incredible paper-cutting talent and her keen eye for detail. The artist herself describes how she came to work in this media:

Sitting in a tiny boat fishing with my husband and boys I had an epiphany. The course of my whole life changed when in a moment of desperation, trying to amuse two bored children, I used a pair of Swiss Army knife scissors to slice elephants and giraffes from a used lunch bag."

Art Boutique by Pine Ridge Art worked with Sharyn this past year for the first time, collaborating to create her lovely "Feather Your Nest with Love" Tea-For-One gift set. (It is available for wholesale ordering at this time only.)
Working with an artist like Sharyn is such a joy!! She is ever-positive and says it herself - she believes she is living her dreams! Her artwork has appeared on fabric, stickers, greeting cards, Christmas products and more. Sharyn has worked with companies such as American Greetings and Demdaco, and we are thrilled to now have her in the Art Boutique by Pine Ridge Art family. 

We encourage you to follow Sharyn on her blog, because it is chock-full of beautiful pictures and inspiration for any creative type.