Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Well, it’s official. Halloween is just around the corner. Every store is overflowing with pumpkins, costumes, scary decorations, and tons and tons of candy. Even my calendar won’t let me forget that the scariest night of the year will soon be upon us.
I love Halloween, and I like to start getting into the spirit early. The best way for me to do that is scary movies, although eating a box of mini mars bars might also work….who says Halloween is just for kids!? The biggest difference between the kid experience of Halloween and the adult one, is that adults are the ones that are supposed to make all of the magic happen. There are parties to plan, treats to make, costumes to assemble, and pumpkins to carve. A lot goes into making the day as spooky and special as possible. The solution; Get organized! Try to plan out shopping trips, free nights for making treats, and time to decorate the house, all ahead of time so that you’re not stuck in a time crunch. Anyone who’s ever tried to buy a Halloween costume on October 30th knows the dangers associated with last minute shopping. Getting trampled at the party store can really take the fun out of trick-or-treating.
I find a little pocket planner like this makes it easier to remember to plan ahead.
The other trick for keeping organized during this hectic time of year is making lists – lots and lots of lists. Trying to keep everything organized in your head is noble, but unless you’re super woman (and no, dressing up as her doesn’t count) it’s just impossible. Writing up a list of party supplies, trick-or-treating essentials (don’t forget treat bags, and flashlights), and most importantly, costume components will help to keep the evening frightening – in a good way. By planning your costume out and making lists of exactly what you need, you may find you can spend less time in a crowded party store, and get a lot of your supplies at less busy spots like the grocery or dollar store.
Keeping a note pad like this in your purse will help keep your organized – and in the halloween spirit.
Speaking of costumes - any great costume ideas out there? Leave your comments and let’s get creative! Happy Halloween from Pine Ridge Art!!!