Friday, October 29, 2010

It's All in the Details

Have you ever noticed that it’s the smallest details that make an event really come together? Little touches can add up to big impact, and impress your guests into thinking you’re a professional party planner! For example, I recently attended a “French Bistro” themed Bridal Shower. The hostess set up round folding tables with white table cloths in her back yard (all borrowed), and put a tiny vase with a single flower on each table. She strung up some white twinkle lights, and played some French sounding music, and voila – it was a living breathing Bistro, right in her backyard. The combined effect of those little, well thought out details made the event a smash hit, and the bride to be was thrilled!

One of my favourite, often overlooked details at any event is the guest book. All too often I see either no guestbook at all, or a plain white book paired with whatever pen happened to be lying around, and I can’t help but see a missed opportunity. Guest books are both a fantastic way to provide a great souvenir for whoever is being honored at an event, and a great way to add a surprise design element to your function. I’m very excited about some of our new guest books, and they’re so stylish, you could design a whole event around them.

I love this design by Jillian Phillips – perfect for a baby shower. Pile some apples in a bowl for a centerpiece, use lady bug invitations, and put up some green and light blue bows/streamers/balloons, and you’re done!

This design would be perfect for a spring, or even a fall wedding. The green and brown would make a beautiful and unique colour scheme, and you could even pull from the “two doves” motif for your invitation, cake topper or centerpieces. The guestbook and pen would add the final touch, and you end up with a unified event design that will leave your guests raving.
 Have you ever pulled from an accessory to create the design for an event? Let me know, I’d love to hear your ideas.

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