Monday, November 15, 2010

Keep In Touch....

With the holidays starting to sneak up on us, I’m seeing visions of family gatherings, and get-togethers with friends.
It’s got me thinking about how important it is to keep in touch with the special people in our lives all year round, not just at the holidays. With work, and family, and every day chores, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the people in your life, but at least it’s a comfort to know that we’re all in the same boat. I know with my busy schedule, it’s so easy to lose track of time and suddenly realize I haven’t seen my niece since her birthday three months ago!

And technology doesn’t let us off the hook. Checking up on somebody’s facebook status every once in awhile isn’t the same thing as giving them a call, or better yet seeing them in person (quite a rarity these days). One habit I’m trying to get into is sending notes, and not the electronic kind, actual hand written notes – in the mail. This antiquated practice is actually experiencing a revival, as people of all ages and walks of life are yearning for real personal interaction. It takes a little more effort, but sending a hand written thank you note, congratulations, or an invitation can make a huge impression on someone, and really shows that you care.

Keeping a box of note cards like this handy can help you remember to send those little messages when an opportunity presents itself. These are great, because the box is so pretty, you won’t mind keeping them out in the open, where you’ll actually remember to use them (each box holds 12 cards, 12 envelopes, and 12 cute decorative seals).
If you need a way to keep track of all of those long forgotten mailing addresses, an address book like this  can help you get organized – now all that’s left is to start working on your penmanship – mine is terrible.

Happy Writing!
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